What “Pearl Certified” Means

Finding better ways to achieve energy efficiency is a goal for just about every sector of industry and life now. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America cite that by 2023, all new residential central AC and air source heat pump systems that are sold in the U.S. will be required to meet new energy efficiency standards. When your home systems are energy efficient, you save money on a monthly basis and you improve the overall value of your home as well. As a Pearl-certified company, we’re going to shed some light on Pearl Certification and its crucial role in the energy efficiency movement.

What Is Pearl Certification?

Pearl Certification is a third-party program that helps to identify homes that have high standards of energy efficiency, health, and comfort. Homes can earn Pearl Points each time they upgrade some aspect of their home to be more efficient. This program provides an incentive for families to set energy efficiency as a priority.

What Types of Upgrades Qualify For Pearl Points?

There are multiple home aspects an HVAC contractor can improve to conserve energy. Attic and wall insulation is one foundational implementation. High-efficiency windows and doors are also an important part of this goal. Efficient heating and cooling equipment will have a huge impact not only on the amount of energy you are consuming but also on your energy costs each month. Additional installations like smart thermostats and Energy Star appliances can earn your home Pearl points.

Why Should I Want A Pearl Certified Home?

As more and more people are setting a priority on conserving resources and living sustainably, energy-efficient homes will become more in demand. A Pearl Certified home has an increased value over other similar homes. It’s estimated that Pearl Certified Homes sell for about 5% more than a similar home that isn’t energy efficient. This makes a big difference if you are planning to sell your home in the future.

Turn to Pearl-Certified Loving Air

If you are interested in earning a Pearl Certification, reach out to Loving Air! Our team of professionals is part of the Pearl Advantage Network, meaning we’re certified to make key improvements to your home that will allow it to build points toward a Pearl Certification. Achieve a high-performing home with an elite Pearl contractor like Loving Air.

Upgrading your HVAC system is one way you can earn Pearl points toward certification. Call Loving Air today to connect with an HVAC contractor who can help.