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Raise Your Home’s Market Value – Loving Air Is Qualified to Certify Your Home’s Energy Efficient, High-performing HVAC Equipment

A comprehensive approach to HVAC

Why Choose Us?

We know your home is a beloved gem. It’s where life happens. Where memories are made. Where the future starts. It’s your haven, and your nest egg.

At Loving Air, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work — from the equipment we use to the professionals we hire to the completed work we deliver and the entire customer experience we provide. But don’t just take our word for it.

Loving Air knows how to properly document your home’s energy efficient, high-performing HVAC equipment so they raise your home’s market value.

Our Work Is Pearl Certified

Many contractors say they’re high-quality, but very few can back it up with the muster of a reputable third-party verifier. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Pearl Certification, a national firm that qualifies an elite network of professionals who certify high-performing homes — homes that are healthy, comfortable, resilient, and energy efficient. 

Why It Matters to You

Only the top contractors in the country qualify for the network of high-quality, vetted professionals who can certify their work with Pearl — and we are one of them. 

In other words, when you choose us, you can rest easy knowing your home is in great hands. Plus, with Pearl, we ensure your home’s upgrades are documented and certified by an independent third party.    

Loving Air provides you with options to improve your HVAC system while maximizing your return investment. Only contractors in the elite Pearl Network can offer Pearl Certification on all of their installations. Pearl assigns points to home features based on how much they contribute to your home’s energy efficiency performance. All Pearl Certified improvements contribute to your comfort, health and energy efficiency within these categories:

Through Pearl Certification, Loving Air helps safeguard your financial investment in HVAC improvements by providing appraisal documentation about the improvements you make in your home.

The Results

You sit back and enjoy the increased comfort and lower utility bills from your energy-efficiency improvements, and Pearl provides a Certification Report highlighting the added value of your investment, as well as information about how your home performs and the steps you can take to enhance that performance.

And on top of all that, Pearl also qualifies a network of real estate professionals who ensure your high-performing home is properly marketed and valued when you decide to sell or refinance. When marketed correctly, Pearl Certified homes can sell faster and for more! 

Learn more about how a Pearl Certified home upgrade can benefit you now and well into the future.

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“I understand the value that high performing, energy-efficient homes bring to the market. The missing link is getting relevant information about those homes to agents and appraisers who are not building scientists. The Pearl Certification provided by Loving Air provides the missing link.”

Jan, Pearl Certified Homeowner


What does a Pearl Certification include?

Your customized Pearl Certification Report documents the high-performing features Loving Air installed and translates them into home value, giving you peace of mind, you chose the right contractor!

How does Pearl Certification maximize the investment in my home?

Pearl Certification helps homeowners capture the value of their HVAC investment for resale and appraisal with the Pearl Certification Report and completed Appraisal Addendum. While manufacturers of HVAC equipment may certify their own products, Pearl thoroughly vets all of the contractors in its elite Network as part of the 3rd-party certification. We’re proud to be the best of the best.

What has Loving Air proven to be qualified as a Pearl HVAC Contractor?

As a qualified Pearl HVAC Contractor, Loving Air has met stringent requirements:

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Raul G.

I called Loving Air around 7 pm and I am very thankful for their Technician Daniel. Daniel provided my family and I with the best customer service anyone could ever ask for!
I explained to him I had water leaking from my upstairs ceiling. I also explained to him that 10 days prior I had water leaking from my AC vent and another company came out to repair it. He allowed me to FaceTime him in order to show him the damage my ceiling had and he assessed my situation quickly in order to ensure my property didn’t have any further damage! He also contacted a local Water restoration company to come out to my house to remove all the water from my carpet. I called the other company who provided me with the service repair 24/7 emergency hotline twice and never received a callback! What made my family and I appreciate Daniel even more was the fact that he called back to ensure we were contacted by the water restoration company and our house was ok!
This was my first experience with Loving Air and I will definitely give them a call for their services in the future!! From a military family, we want to thank Loving Air for all the assistance today!!!

Craig's Baptist Church

Our partnership with Loving Air continues to be invaluable. Shane has employed a great team of professionals.
Today we had Jim Bob work on a commercial unit that wasn’t heating. He arrived before the time block and is always courteous and professional. His HVAC knowledge is greatly appreciated as he diagnosed the problem and had us up and running before he left.

Mary Lou R.

I knew when I bought my home 3 years ago that I would need a new HVAC unit in the near future. Well, the time has arrived so I did the standard thing of calling around for quotes. I was astonished at the cost of a new system and all the “add ons”. On getting my final quote, I called Loving Air. The office staff asked various questions to assess my need and urgency. When I mentioned the concern with the temps going below freezing in the next few days and that I may not have any emergency heat, they arranged for Dakota to come out the next morning, which was a great bonus.
They informed me he would text when he was on his way and would include a picture of himself which I found as an excellent safety feature. Dakota arrived right on time and after our initial conversation, set out to look at my system. After his examination, we sat to discuss possible quotes. Being a senior, I informed him of my budget. He answered all my questions about HVAC units and how it all works. He was very courteous, patient & polite. He asked me additional questions, so he could get a better idea of the type of system that would be best for me within my budget. He provided me with four detailed quotes, one of which looks like the “winner”. Thank you, Loving Air!

Dwyane W.

Highly recommend going with Loving Air. This is our first time using them and the price on the service contract is great. They have a great and knowledgeable staff answering the phones and the tech (Hassan) that came out was awesome.
He was very thorough, patient with my questions, on time, and very knowledgeable!! We are definitely long-term customers now.

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