How to Save on Your Energy Bill With an HVAC Replacement

Getting a new HVAC system sounds like a major undertaking, and make no mistake, it’s not exactly a minor repair job. Although, it is worth it if you’ve been using an older system for years. Even if your older system has been generally cooperative and functioning properly, after a certain amount of time, HVAC replacement is a good idea. For many homeowners, it comes down to energy efficiency and money because older systems start to drain both. In fact, according to, over 30% of the energy used in air conditioning goes toward duct losses, which means that 30% of the energy used is just lost through old, leaky ducts. You can save a lot of money on your energy bill when you trade in that older system for a new HVAC system, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re also conserving a lot more energy than you were before. Let’s take a further look at this topic.

Get the Latest Technology

First, you should get the latest HVAC technology when you replace your old system. The materials used and the configuration of the entire system are geared toward conserving power. Combine that with your own efforts and your home’s built-in “passive solar” power (i.e., your home’s ability to passively conserve energy and keep the home comfortable without the use of appliances like air conditioning), and you can reduce your energy consumption by a substantial amount. HVAC replacement alone can save quite a lot, but you’ll want to do your part, too.

Replace Deteriorating Parts

As HVAC systems get older, they need more repair. You fix what needs to be fixed, year after year. However, the system can still fade in terms of efficiency because all of its parts are getting older and deteriorating; some of them just haven’t fully broken yet. So, when you arrange for an HVAC replacement, you end up replacing all these older parts that were not functioning well enough to be totally efficient, and that were not malfunctioning enough to display noticeable symptoms. The result is you get a nice, new HVAC system that uses much less energy and that lets less energy escape due to deteriorating parts. Not to mention, you immediately reduce the need to call for repairs for the next few years.

HVAC replacement can help you save a lot of energy and money. Call Loving Air today to start getting a new HVAC unit. Once the work is done, you can enjoy your new, efficient HVAC system and those lower bills.