Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

As the hot and humid days of Summer give way to the cool days of Autumn, it’s common to turn the air conditioning off and enjoy lower utility bills before chilly winter nights. However, you should do a few things to your HVAC system before fall.

Clean Filters

HVAC systems suck in air from the outside to transform it into cold air to keep you comfortable throughout the summer. However, that air is full of dirt, dust, and dander. During fall, your system gets a brief break. Seize that opportunity to hire a professional to clean or replace your filters before turning on the heat.

HVAC Repair

Systems running nonstop during hot months are more likely to need an HVAC repair. It’s essential to contact a professional for a thorough inspection before it’s time to use your system again. This inspection will ensure that any minor problems are addressed and repaired. When you have a complete examination, you don’t have to worry about the system breaking down.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is another essential thing to do in between seasons. The more your system is used, the dirtier your ducts will be. Your ducts are likely full of dust, dirt, and possibly pet dander. Those allergens will be pushed through the vents and into your home when winter hits. This can result in respiratory illnesses and increased symptoms from allergies or asthma. Contact local companies for duct cleaning before the seasons change.

Heating Test

Before the cold nights of fall settle in, test your heating. Turn the thermostat up and let the furnace run for a while. Listen for any unusual noises. Hold your hand over the ducts to ensure hot air is coming out. Sometimes, a problem that impacts your HVAC system can occur during the summer, and you don’t realize it until you try to use the furnace. Knowing if you need HVAC repair before the temperature drops is best.


It’s best to plan for maintenance. HVAC companies get busier during the cold months. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of HVAC employees is expected to grow by 5% between 2021-2031. However, that’s not enough to keep up with demand. Instead, schedule your maintenance appointment in advance, if possible, to ensure you don’t have to wait weeks for an opening.

A working HVAC system is essential for survival during the harsh winter months. Following these tips ensures your system is functioning optimally when it starts to get cold. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.