Are you interested in a practical skill-based career? If so, you should understand the importance of the trades, such as the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC fields. Read on for more insight about why trades are a viable career field to consider.

Make Life Comfortable

When you’re aware of the trades, it’s easy to see how they make our society more comfortable. HVAC service professionals are responsible for keeping homes and businesses properly cooled and heated at different times of the year. Solar panel installers and technicians are helping the world use clean energy. Electricians make sure that all the wiring in a structure is in compliance, safe, and functioning so you’re never in the dark and can always charge your electronics.

Don’t Require Excessive Debt

The rise of student debt has been a burden for many Americans and a very controversial topic for the past few years. Unfortunately, traditional four-year colleges aren’t getting any cheaper. However, if you decide on a trade field, you’ll avoid such debt since training schools don’t cost as much as traditional schools. Your training will often involve a paid apprenticeship.

Provide Secure Jobs

Once you become trained in one of these career fields, you can often guarantee that you have a secure job. Can you imagine a world without trained plumbers, electricians, HVAC professionals, or mechanics? These jobs provide services that people need at their residences and commercial properties. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of HVAC and refrigeration mechanics and installers is projected to grow 6% from 2022 to 2032, ensuring HVAC service professionals can expect to stay busy for a long time!

Enjoy Shorter Training Programs

Unfortunately, some career fields take several years before you can fully practice them, such as that of a doctor or engineer. Luckily, when you get into the trades, you have a much shorter waiting period between your training and when you can start working full-time. Training programs can often be as little as a year, and as mentioned, will often involve paid training so you can start earning as soon as possible.

The trades provide a valuable service to the world. If you want a secure career that’ll continue to grow, have a shorter training curve, and won’t put you several thousands of dollars in debt, consider working within an HVAC service. For more information about the benefits of becoming an HVAC professional, contact Loving Air today!