Unit Heaters

Ductless Hanging Heaters

Unit Heaters – these systems are ductless stand alone heating units that burn natural gas, propane or oil.  typically used in warehouses, open storage spaces and garages.  Unit heaters are efficient and easy to maintain.

The picture below is an example of a unit heater made by Reznor.

These systems are very simple in that there is usually just a fan that blows air directly across the heat exchanger into the space to be heated.  With limited moving parts and no duct system, usually the hardest part about maintaining them is getting access to them as they are usually suspended closer to the ceiling.

Types of Heating Systems


-Hot Water Boiler
-Steam Boiler

Ductless Heat

-Electric Space Heater
-Fire Place**
-Gas Fired Space Heater
-Pellet Stove**
-Unit Heater
-Wood Stove**

Heat Pumps

-Ductless Mini-Splits
-Ductless Multi-Splits
-Geothermal Heat Pumps**
-Outdoor Heat Pumps

Warm Air Furnaces

-Electric Furnace
-Natural Gas Furnace
-Oil Furnace**
-Propane Furnace

** Loving Air does not do service work, repairs or installation of fireplaces, stoves, geothermal or oil systems.

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Whether or not your current system is in need of repair we can send out one of our managers at no charge for a free estimate for replacement.

Affordable payment plans.

Loving air offers multiple payment options for system replacements.


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Unit Heaters

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