Natural Gas and Propane Furnace Repairs, Maintenance, and Installations

Do you have a natural gas furnace in your home that may need affordable servicing? There are a few signs you might start to notice when there’s a problem with your natural gas furnace. Some of these include: your energy bills rising, your furnace is older than 16 years, you continue to experience furnace repairs, your heating isn’t keeping you comfortable, or you’re hearing strange noises. If you notice any of these changes, give us a call. We’re furnace tune-up, repairs, and replacement experts, and can help make sure your furnace is running properly.

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How Do Natural Gas Furnaces Work?

A natural gas furnace can be used by itself, paired with a heat pump as a hybrid or dual fuel system though it is usually paired with a straight air conditioning system. Natural gas is burned in a metal heat exchanger. Air is run across the heat exchanger and then distributes that air through a ventilation system. When paired with a straight air conditioner the natural gas furnace provides all of the heat. When used in a dual fuel system that is pair with a heat pump, the furnace only provides heat when emergency heat is turned on or the exterior temperature drops below 40 degrees. Natural gas furnaces come in different levels of efficiency, from 80% to 90% and greater. For more information on the efficiency levels, contact us today.

Common Problems of Natural Gas Furnaces

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a system of metal tubes that is designed to safely transfer the heat from the burning gas to the air that will circulate the house. If the metal becomes rusted or cracks is it possible to have unburned gas and carbon monoxide mixing with the air that will circulate the house. It is also possible for the tubes to become clogged with soot and not allow proper exhaust.

Blower Motor

Over time dust can build up on the blower motor, particularly if the filter is not regularly changed. This build up on the motor can result in reduced system efficiency as the fan will not be able to push as much air. This build-up can also cause premature motor failure.


Over time the burners in the system can become clogged resulting in inefficient burning of the gas. Regular cleaning is recommended to ensure the burners stay clean.

Propane Furnace Repairs, Maintenance, and Installations

Propane furnaces are exactly the same as natural gas furnaces with the same common issues. When replacing either a natural gas or propane furnace we use the same equipment but just use a conversion kit if the system uses propane. Common issues with propane furnace include: the fan stops running, the blower turns off, your heat stops working, or your furnace continues to turn off and on. If you notice your propane furnace shows signs like these, you may need maintenance or repairs. Learn more about these services by contacting the furnace experts today.

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Types of Heating Systems

** Loving Air does not do service work, repairs or installation of fireplaces, stoves, geothermal or oil systems.

Ductless Heat

-Electric Space Heater
-Fire Place**
-Gas Fired Space Heater
-Pellet Stove**
-Wood Stove**


-Hot Water Boiler
-Steam Boiler

Heat Pumps

-Ductless Mini-Splits
-Ductless Multi-Splits
-Geothermal Heat Pumps**
-Outdoor Heat Pumps

Warm Air Furnaces

-Electric Furnace
-Natural Gas Furnace
-Oil Furnace**
-Propane Furnace

How can Loving Air help?

Free second opinion on major repairs.

If another licensed HVAC professional has told you that your indoor evaporator coil, outdoor condenser coil or your compressor needs to be replaced, we will send one of our trained technicians out at no charge for a free second opinion and free estimate for repair.

Free estimates on system replacements.

Whether or not your current system is in need of repair we can send out one of our managers at no charge for a free estimate for replacement.

Affordable payment plans.

Loving air offers multiple payment options for system replacements.


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Work on all makes and models

Fast and dependable service

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