Boilers in the Fredericksburg Area

Most of the boilers in the Fredericksburg area are found in the older homes.  Many of these homes originally had coal fired boilers that were converted to oil or gas.  As boilers only provide heat and not cooling, electric boilers are extremely rare in this area.  Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling and are the preferred choice in this area for electric based heating.

Whether a boiler is powered by oil, gas or electricity, they all work essentially the same way.  Water or steam is heated in the boiler and then circulated through the home to either radiators, baseboard units or through the floors.

The majority of the boilers in this area are non condensing 80% efficiency that require some sort of exhaust vent.  The newer condensing units that are 90% to 98.5% efficient are rarely seen.   Boilers only provide heat, and in this area the vast majority of houses also utilize air conditioning.  The cost of the boiler combined with the required pipes and radiators is usually a significant deterrent when compared to heat pumps, air conditioning with furnaces or hybrid systems.


Types of Heating Systems


-Hot Water Boiler
-Steam Boiler

Ductless Heat

-Electric Space Heater
-Fire Place**
-Gas Fired Space Heater
-Pellet Stove**
-Unit Heater
-Wood Stove**

Heat Pumps

-Ductless Mini-Splits
-Ductless Multi-Splits
-Geothermal Heat Pumps**
-Outdoor Heat Pumps

Warm Air Furnaces

-Electric Furnace
-Natural Gas Furnace
-Oil Furnace**
-Propane Furnace

** Loving Air does not do service work, repairs or installation of fireplaces, stoves, geothermal or oil systems.

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