5 Benefits of Choosing a Local HVAC Company

When your HVAC system develops repair or maintenance needs, you can turn to national chains offering services all over the country. However, consider the unique benefits you’ll enjoy when you opt for local HVAC services. Here are five great benefits of hiring locally.

1. Local Knowledge

Local HVAC companies know your area’s unique heating and cooling needs. They know your region’s standard energy costs and can offer valuable insight into whether propane, electric, or gas is cheaper or more reliable. Local professionals also know the best brands for your locality. This can come in handy right now because, by 2023, all new residential air-source heat pumps and central air conditioning systems sold in the U.S. will have to meet new energy efficiency standards, according to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

2. Support Your Community

When you hire local, you’ll support your community. The reasoning behind this is a local HVAC company will hire people from your community, source supplies locally, and perhaps even donate to charitable groups in your neighborhood. A significant portion of your money will go back to the locals, maybe even your neighbor, supporting your area’s economy.

3. Family-Friendly Customer Service

HVAC companies not part of national chains care greatly about their brand’s reputation and image. They can’t rely on a chain’s brand recognition but must earn great ratings for their work. We welcome any potential customers to check out our Google Ratings! Local HVAC services also have more investment in the development and training of their employees which leads to greater quality technicians

Most are also family-run and owned, like us, and work towards helping foster a family culture that results in superior customer service. Local HVAC businesses are more likely to prioritize your needs above their bottom line.

4. Comparative Pricing

Another benefit of choosing local HVAC services is they’re typically more affordable than national chains. The national part of the organization often takes the larger chunk of each sale made by the individual locations. They use the funds for staffing and other typical national chain costs. Without this burden, locals can afford to give you a more affordable quote. They’re also more likely to have developed solid business relationships with local suppliers, which can give you access to great discounts.

5. Prompt Response

Local HVAC firms typically have small service areas compared to those part of national chains. While it may seem like a negative, it’s actually the opposite. A local HVAC technician likely won’t be far from your home when you need their services. They typically have faster and more consistent response times. This is why we’re able to offer 24/7 emergency service!

There are tons of benefits that come with hiring local HVAC services, which you can’t get with an out-of-state company. Support a small locally owned business and keep your hard-earned money in the community! Give us a call today at Loving Air to book our HVAC services.